Systems and products for dust suppression

The dust suppression systems planned by MAITEK is patented for dusts reduction on the crushing plants and it is alternative to the traditional systems. It is a very efficacious solution for the suppression and reduction of the suspended dusts and in the air filtering.

The dust suppression systems planned by MAITEK is patented for dusts reduction on the crushing plants and it is alternative to the traditional systems. It is a very efficacious solution for the suppression and reduction of the suspended dusts and in the air filtering.

Already operational in various quarries, our DUSTS SUPPRESSION SYSTEM (MDF-MDF) (download datasheet), is too much advantageous whether from an economical point of view thanks to a very good purchasing and running costs or from the efficacy point of view compared to the existing techniques.

MAITEK DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM bears witness to the great potential in the quarry and mining sector. A fundamental sector of the Italian economy, it finds ever more reason to exist in the responsible use of our resources in order to protect our heritage and not compromise future development.


Dusts removal techniques applied to crushing plants

Technique with dusts suction 

It’s the most used technique carried-out by means of a large-capacity exhaust fan which allows recovering suspended particles through a set of bag filters made of a special fabric.
The dusts suction – quite costly operation – entails adapting the installation by almost hermetically sealing all the moving parts, such as belts, screens, crushers, loading and unloading duct and, in most cases, resorting to plugging the machines and housing them in closed rooms.

Tecnique with sprinkling water

Another technique used – cheaper than the bag filters – is the sprinkling water at the points where dust is produced.
This procedure is moderately less costly, however, with high water consumption. Generally, this procedure is performed with very simple but also approximate delivery systems, which easily produce clogging of the selection networks. This can only be prevented by reducing the water flow and hence the removal effectiveness.


Dust suppression plant designed by Maitek

Maitek dust suppression plant is based on the sprinkling principle but with one innovative detail: production and supply – by means of compressed air – of a foam made up of a mixture of water and an additive of biodegradable vegetable origin. Generating a large amount of micro foam bubbles, the surface area in contact with the dust particles is considerably increased in comparison with the contact capacity of normal drops of water, and a great deal less water is used. This foam – a mixture of air, water and additive of vegetable origin – envelops the processed aggregate thus preventing the dust particles from propagating into the atmosphere and without changing the original properties of the material treated.


Maitek dust suppression plant advantages 

Apart from the advantages of effective dust removal and contained water consumption, the MAITEK device allows stopping product delivery when the crushing machine is no longer powered for various reasons.
Through a material detection sensor and, if necessary, a movement sensor, you can make the device operate fully independently, so that it interrupts delivery based on the effective need, thus avoiding the operator having to intervene each time the functioning conditions of the crushing plant change.

A further advantage is given by the fact that each single crushing machine is handled individually with its own device, allowing optimal and easy control of the entire plant.
Because the device is so compact, it can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the machines.
The ease of operation allows easy control without having to pay any particular attention and very little maintenance is required.


Foam spraying system

Our foam additive, supplied to us by a world important chemical company, is of vegetable origin, biodegradable and fully complies with the requirements of the environmental regulations.
We supply a wide range of chemicals for various applications such as: dust suppression on crushing plants, steel plants, cement factories, mining industries and also for the treatment of very dusty store areas and tracks.

In addition, constant upgrading of the equipment used allows obtaining the best result with minimum product consumption, contributing to achieving maximum efficiency and optimised running costs. These features have widely been demonstrated in the field and are particularly appreciated by the users.


Water fogging

In addition to the foam spraying system, We also carry-out also water fogging plants.
This system consists in applying to the points of dust emission, such as exchange points between the conveyor belts, hoppers, jaw and impact crushers, a spay of water with special nozzles that produce a mist made of microscopic droplets. Each point of application is connected to a network of nylon tubing with pressurized water from 60 to 110 bars.

The water consumption is very low and the installation is quick and easy.
Upstream of the pressurization pump some filters having a fine mesh ensure the functionality of the system and avoid any clogging of the nozzles.

For the treatment on the transit or working areas we can supply fog cannons for a range up to 50 meters which are provided with an automatic or remote-controlled rotation system.


How the dust suppression plant is supplied and hits application sectors

Intended for dust removal in the mining industry and in crushing of aggregates coming from quarries, demolitions and recycling, our DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM is supplied for applications on complete plants as well as on individual machines, subject to prior on-site inspection to define the application most suitable for the specific plant.


On request our company can supply complete plants installed in box/containers of various sizes, insulated for the use in extreme climatic conditions. The box/container is equipped with the control unit, pump, water and chemical tank, air reservoir, compressor, electric board, lightning and conditioning system. You have only to arrange the electrical and water connection from the outside. It is quick and easy to install on the site.


On request, MAITEK Srl conducts application tests with the aid of a compact, fully stand-alone mobile unit, which allows gathering useful information for constructing the dust suppression system according to the real needs. In addition, we carry out dust emission measurements on the crushing systems using homologated instruments, which in just a few minutes provide an extract of the values recorded. The accuracy and effectiveness of the tests conducted on site allow identifying the application most suited to the type of plant analyzed.


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