MHP – High pressure dust suppression plant

Dust suppression plant Maitek with the use of only water


For the reduction of dust in the hoppers of crushing plants, we provide high-pressure spray systems with instantaneous high water dispensing.

The system is based on the creation of a water curtain that intercepts the lifting of dust at the time of unloading of trucks. With the use of special nozzles, very small droplets of water are created. The nozzles are fixed to a manifold made of stainless steel.

The manifold is inserted and protected in a robust steel profile. Each collector is connected to the pump unit by means of high-pressure pipes.

The pump unit works with a water pressure of 60 to 110 bar. Fitting is fast and easy to implement.

Upstream the pumps are fitted with very fine weft filters to prevent any occlusion of the sprayers.
Spraying activation is made with either photoelectric cells or optional sonar or remote control supplied to truck drivers.