The plate filter press was developed for the filtration of waste water and slurry in different application sectors, such as mining, aggregates, industrial and agrofood sectors.

Operation: the plates, lined with filter cloths, are pressed together by a hydraulic cylinder and chambers are formed between them where the sludge, fed by a pump, is collected; following the feed phase, the sludge is kept under compression, thus pushing the water through the cloths. The separated water is sent to a collection tank along a system of ducts.

All our filter-presses are fitted with a system for shaking the plates at the end of the cycle to ensure detachment of the dry solid cake, as well as operator safety devices.
Furthermore, all versions can be fitted with an automatic washing system for keeping the plates and cloths constantly clean.
Our supply includes the electrical system equipped with PLC.

The complete turnkey sludge treatment plant can be quoted on demand.