Water clarifying plant (2500 l/min)

Plant built in Italy - Piedmont

Water clarifying plant (3000 l/min) – sand, 150 t/h

Plant supply in Piemonte – Italy


Water clarification plants 

MAITEK attends to the planning and the carrying-out of the process water clarifying plants and/or waste water purification plants.

The water clarification is a particular filtering process which the waste waters are subjected at the purification plants entrance in order to remove the suspended solid substances present into the water in a dispersed shape (treatment called “primary sedimentation”).

MAITEK clarification plants have the purpose of reducing to a minimum the need to supply the water from the water system as well as to clarify the waters coming from the aggregates working. The carrying-out of these waters purification plants allows to restrict very much the environmental pollution. In particular the groundwater tables pollution, often contaminated by the waste waters coming from the industrial working.

MAITEK supply clarification plants to treat and recycle the dirty waste water.

They may be equipped with a dynamic clarifier having a scraping scaffold or with a static clarifier (vertical decanter).

The sedimentation process is accelerated using flocculant substances injected in the waste-water by means of automatic devices dosing.

MAITEK supply “turnkey” plants complete with all the accessories and characterized by an automatic control based on PLC with the possibility of supervision systems.

Our purifying plants are equipped with an exclusive patented system for the deposited sludge measuring.