Sludge treatment plant with filter-press

Plant built in Algeria

Dewatering plants for the sludge coming from the aggregates washing equipped with FILTER-PRESS

Plant supply in Algeria



MAITEK plans sludge dewatering or sludge thickening plants for the reduction of the primary sludge and the exceeding sludge, trough the use of a centrifugal separator /extractor (decanter) or a plate filter-press.

The plants for the sludge treatment have the function to further dehydrate the sludge thickened by means of the clarifier in order to reduce the percentage of moisture from about 70% to about 35%.The separation process of the two components solid-liquid is accelerated using flocculants substances injected in the sludge by means of automatic dosing devices. The clean recycled water is conveyed in the clarifier, while the dehydrated sludge is stock-piled by means of belts conveyors.We supply “turnkey” plants complete with all the accessories and characterized by an automatic control based on PLC with the possibility of supervision systems.



The decanter operation for the sludge filtering:

The decanter separates the sludge components (phases) operating by centrifugation and exploiting their different densities The sludge is fed into the drum (pipe with conical end) rotating at high speed and is drawn into rotation. By centrifugal effect, the liquid mass is pushed against the inside wall of the drum and the phases are stratified: the phase with the greater density forms the outermost layer and vice versa. In the case of two-phase solid/liquid separation, the heavy solid concentrates on the outer circular crown and is evacuated by the screw contained in the drum, while the lighter liquid spontaneously flows from the opposite side through a series of outlets. In the case of three-phase separation, the third liquid phase is expelled through suitable draft tubes with which the machine can be equipped.

Extractor’s sectors of application

Our centrifugal extractors for the sludge dewatering can be equipped in different ways and find application in manifold industrial sectors.

  • Petroleum and derivative refineries
  • Sugar refineries and agro-food industry
  • Paper-making industries
  • Steelworks and foundries
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • Chemical and galvanic industries
  • Tanneries and textile industries
  • Cement factories and marble working industries
  • Quarries, mines and building sites




The filter-press operation

The plates, lined with filter cloths, are pressed together by a hydraulic cylinder and chambers are formed between them where the sludge, fed by a pump, is collected; following the feed phase, the sludge is kept under compression, thus pushing the water through the cloths. The separated water is sent to a collection tank along a system of ducts. All our press filters are fitted with a system for shaking the plates at the end of the cycle to ensure detachment of the dry solid cake, as well as operator safety devices. Furthermore, all versions can be fitted with an automatic washing system for keeping the plates and cloths constantly clean. Our supply includes the electrical system with PLC for the automatic operation of the press filter. We can supply turnkey sludge treatment plants on request.

Filter-press’ sectors of application

The MAITEK’s sludge plate filter-press systems have been studied for their application in mining, industrial and agro-food sector.