17 February 2015

Article on Water and sludge treatment plants and Dust removal plants– Dust suppression and Dry Fog – on International Cement Review [February 2015]

International Cement Review is a magazine addressed to the entire cement production cycle that wanted to devote the attention to the environmental protection on quarries, mines and industries exploitation.

A lot of space has been given to our water clarifying  and sludge treatment plants as answer to the recycling increasing requirement on concrete and aggregates sector, helping in this way to the conserve natural  environmental resources. Particularly, the attention has been focused on the our systems for the removal of the dusts coming from the aggregates working, applicable on the crushing plants through the use of  an additive of biodegradable vegetable origin sprayed on the points of  greater dust dispersion. The same system can be applied on industry, cement works and steel works, etc. Concerning this, of considerable importance is our Dry Fog system carried-out for the application on steelworks SLAG PIT plants (for  slags  storage), that are located close to the residential areas and need to reduce and regulate the dust emission.